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Lethocerus americanus (Giant Water Bug), 03 June 2007

Unexpected flashback post!

I’m obviously in the thick of negotiating arthropods and Grand Bay on the blog — mainly from the here and now in south Georgia. Tonight I realized I hadn’t yet posted a photograph of an adult, fully-armored, fully-loaded giant water bug, Lethocerus americanus. Well, this post rectifies that sad oversight.

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Belostoma lutarium (Toe-biter!), 04 February 2012

UPDATE ON 05 APRIL 2012: The folks over at bugguide.net believe this is genus Belostoma, but are not able to distinguish species. They also identified another Belostoma species photographed in this same immediate area as Belostoma lutarium, but I’m not sure if this particularly individual is another of the same species. With that in mind, I’m tagging this as Belostoma lutarium and also keeping it tagged as Lethocerus americanus for comparison/contrast purposes (I do have verified Lethocerus americanus photos from a few years back and I’ll get to posting those eventually). Do note, however, that this particular individual probably belongs to the Belostoma genus, but is not clearly defined at the species-level.

Now, here’s the original post:

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